FPV Drone Build: Rotorx Atom V3

Introduction: FPV Drone Build: Rotorx Atom V3

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About Rotorx Atom V3

RotorX Atom V3 is a 122mm Mini Quadcopter and weights less than 250 grams, small size and light weight; You can put it on your hand, but don't be fooled! The Atom accelerates faster than a FORMULA 1 Car allowing you to enjoy FPV Racing without all the stress maximum agility, enjoyment and no limitations! No FAA registration needed.

The RotorX RX122 Atom V3 is one of the most advanced micro drones on the market. RX122 Atom V3 is the child of the marriage between Team Black Sheep and RotorX. This micro drone features a compact yet advanced brain, TBS RxCube, engineered by the great guys at TBS specifically for Atom V3. Atom V3's brain is a stack design containing a flight controller, ESCs and a VTX/OSD combo. Atom V3's electronics are housed in an indestructible polycarbonate canopy that comes in variety of colors to suit your preference.

Addressable LEDs can be set to any color you desire

Just the basics, to get you in premium gear you can grow with

Smooth and locked-in tune - Thanks Magnus from TBS and our RotorX team pilots

Industry leading electronics from TBS and Highest performing drivetrain from RotorX


FC, ESC's, T-Motors 1406kv Motors, OSD, VTX, FPV Camera, Frame, Canopy
DSMX Compatible Radio, Goggles Motors, Props, Flight Controllers, ESC's, Canopies And OSD/VTX Boards

(I bought these from Flitest)

Batteries have more choose.

3S Battery: Tattu 850mAh 4S 45C Lipo
4S Battery: Tattu 850mAh 3S 45C Lipo.

(Batteries is very important, Tattu batteries is very professional for FPV drones)

Step 1: How to Build Rotorx Atom V3?

First, solder the XT30 power cable on the base layer

Next, select your antenna and connect. Note: DO NOT power on without the antenna being in place because it can damage the VTX. Attach the plastic base plate to the cube. This part helps protect from carbon and prevents shortages. To attach, use two short, flat screws in recessed holes to secure. Screw the positive nuts on the cube—they are marked with “+”. Then place double-sided tape on the bottom of the cube. This isolates the screws from the frame.

Use two plastic screws to secure the cube to the from into the “-“ nuts. Make sure you secure them firmly.

Attach the camera. It has three different mounts (15, 30 and 45 degrees). Only permanently glue in if you don’t want to change the tilt. Note: hot glue is a good option to use because it’s less permanent.
Plug camera into front left bottom plug. Use long M3x12 screws to hold the camera in. Install LED and route antennas. Install canopy.

Ensure the wires aren’t pinched.
Route antenna. Plug in USB and connect to BetaFlight. Plug in battery. Go to motor tab and test motor direction. If your motors aren’t correct, you can check in BLHELI.

Bind and configure the Atom V3.
Set-up switches and configure end points to the DX6. To enter the OSD turn on quad and radio. Hold left on the yaw axis and count down. Navigate up and down with the pitch. Confirm with roll axis, which goes back or exits out of the configuration. Install propellers--AND FLY!

Step 2:

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