DIY FPV Goggles for IPhone 4/5S or Nokia Lumia (out of 2 Boxes of Persil)

Introduction: DIY FPV Goggles for IPhone 4/5S or Nokia Lumia (out of 2 Boxes of Persil)

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Step 1: Check the Fitting of the Goggles and the Box

Remove the lids and check the fitting of the goggles and the box.

It should be nearly perfect!

Step 2: Cut the Window for the Display (box 1) and the Camera (box2)

With the utility knife cut carefully the window for the display of your mobile phone in box 1.

Cut also the window for the camera in box 2.

Step 3: Attach the Fresnel Lens to the "frame" of the Googles

Do not put the glue on the lens otherwise you are not going to see anything.

Step 4: Cut the Box Following the Curvy Shape of the Goggles

Cut also the slot for your mobile phone (it should be trapped between the 2 boxes) Fig. 1

and the space for your nose, on the other side.

Step 5: Slot Box 1 Into Box 2

The distance between the Fresnel lens and the display of your mobile phone is affected by the quality of your eyesight.

I mean, if you have 10/10 you need a certain distance, if you have 5/10 another one.

You can easily change this measurement inserting some pieces of foam board inside box 2.

After assessing this parameter, secure the 2 boxes with some zip ties.

Step 6: Cut a Piece of Packaging Foam Around the Goggles, to Increase the Comfort

And glue it to the goggles using UHU Por (foam friendly).

Step 7: Done... and Now Updated Using a Bigger Fresnel Lens!

Wrap box 2 with some duct tape (to decrease the amount of sunlight that goes inside the box, disturbing the view on the display).

Slot your mobile phone in it.

You can have the access to the display through the space you have cut for your nose.

Connect your mobile phone to Skype, or to your FPV transmitter/receiver (depending which configuration you'd like to achieve) and you'll have your first person remote viewing.

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