'FPV-ing' a Racing Drone: Some Quick & Easy Solutions

Introduction: 'FPV-ing' a Racing Drone: Some Quick & Easy Solutions

There are many options to add a camera and AV transmitter to your racing drone to achieve the 'First Person View' (FPV) experience and enjoying flying your drone using goggles and/or a monitor as if you were onboard.

Here we take a RCTimer Indy 250 Racing drone and present a couple of Quick & Easy (and relatively inexpensive) options to get you started and enjoying FPV quad racing as soon as possible.

This video shows the Quick & Easy Setup for: 1. A 'traditional' 700TVL CCD/PCB camera + 'Boscam-type' 5.8GHz transmitter. 2. RCTimer/Elgae FPV-200 'Plug-and Play' Set



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