FRANKENSTINA Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Introduction: FRANKENSTINA Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Lady Frankenstina

Step 1: Face

I used green face paint and I apply it to my face and neck

I used black face paint to get shadows to my cheeks and forehead.

Step 2: Shadows

I sharpen the shadows little bit with black eye pencil and black eye shadow

Step 3: Scar

I used liquid eye liner to draw scar line to my forehead.

To make it sharper and thicker I used black eye pencil.

I did little dots to next to line and draw little lines with liquid eye liner.

I draw my eye brows with black eye pencil

Step 4: Lips.

I do ombre lips, I draw sharp lines to my lips and apply red face paint

Step 5: Lights.

I did lights every part I wanted (watch the photo and video)

Step 6: Eyes.

Step 7: Done

Put your black wig on and we are ready

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