FRED the Robot

Introduction: FRED the Robot

FRED stands for Friendly Robotic Entertainment Device. It is a toy my
dad and I made out of some old toys, including 2 torches and some mickey mouse car keys that have sound effects.. a car engine, an alarm and a car locking noise.

He is my invention and is made from recycling old toys that we were going to throw away.

FRED can be used as a torch or night light and he wobbles on his spring legs...when you press the buttons from the sound effects key ring he makes noises and a light flashes with the noise

What we used and did

We got each thing and took it apart so we could use the pieces. we hot glued everything together on the body which we made from a metal speaker cover..

1. torch#1 we used this to make the head with two eyes.

2. torch#2 for the on off switch

3. mickey mouse toy keys for sound effects

4. flashing LED light for the antenna

5. orange LED for belly button light.. we wired this to the speaker of the sound effects and made it flash

6. springs for legs and arms

7. old metal speaker cover from a broken stereo for the body and feet.

8. 1 ice cream stick for feet

9. 2xAAA battery pack from on old remote control car

10. soldering iron and glue gun

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    What a great instructable.. and good work being creative and recycling your toys..thanks for sharing!!!!!