FREE Android Starter Package (Good for New Users) Installation Instructions

Hi. This is about the installation of the Android apps starter package.

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Step 1: Download

Download this on a PC or Mac if available. If not, use the stock browser for android.



This leads to an link. Do not click on the ad. Wait 5 seconds and press "SKIP AD". ads WILL MOST LIKLEY HARM YOUR COMPUTER. NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY, DO NOT CLICK ON THE ADS.


unarchive the zip. inside there will be a RAR file. UNRAR it. If you cannot do this, download WinRar for PC or android. (i forgot to mention the pc version in the video.) only use the android option if you don't have a computer. The contents of the rar file are in the picture above.

Step 3: Copy It to Your Android Phone

This is not necessary if you are doing this all from your android phone. Drag the UNRARed folder and README.txt files to a MicroSDHC Card if you don't have a card reader on your phone or an unaccessible card reader buy this. If you need a MicroSDHC card reader for your computer buy this.

Step 4: README.txt (READ IT)

none of the apps will work if you don't read the README.txt file. To unlock the installer you must use the password in the README.txt file.



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