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When we bought a camp house,it had a big stone on it's backyard,was so heavy to carry to it out.

Then it's shape ,rounded and some oval , inspire me to make an owl, the big stone would be the body ,I just had to find another stone to make the head , and I founded it walking around the hills,I just had to make some minor carving on it.

Step 1: The Body

Since I didn't want to brake my back carrying it,roll it up from the backyard to the garden

Once it was placed where I liked, I stand it up and that's all,the body is ready

Step 2: The Head

With a hammer I was taking out some perimetral material to get (the closer possible) the head's shape

Once obtained the shape,I worked on the eyes, mark two circles with chalk

With the angle driver and the proper blade made grooves radially no trespassing the chalk mark,made several of them and with a chisel or awl ,brake the material in betwen grooves getting the concavity of the eyes

Step 3: Assemble

To assemble just prepare some concrete,moist both contacting surface to facilitate the adhere

Put the concrete in betwen , take out the excedent concrete with the finger forming the short neck

Then I made some mosaicism work with cd's little pieces,fixed with a concrete glue

Step 4: Light It Up

To light the owl I used a self changing multicolored led, it's a kind of led that has only two pins and it goes changing it's color green,blue and red very qwickly , giving flashes of differents colours

The whole opperation is made by a internal chip,we just have to feed it with a 3 volt button cell battery

So I install the led and the battery on an old lantern and place it on a stick next to the stone owl to light it up,

Step 5: Frightening Face on the Dark

Put the light on and the multicolor leds does the job itself, changing colours , combining them and flashing in different colours , giving to the stone some kind of movement according to the changing incident rays of ligth

That makes it some frightening on the dark , i like it as a hallowing decor. Hope you too ,thanks for voting on the contest . Cheers

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