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This Instructable will show how to be resourceful and creative while developing Frisbee throwing skills.

Get Outdoors! Get Active!


Overall, this is a simple and inexpensive way to create one or many targets for any Frisbee game you can create. As a matter of fact, simple targets for any game you choose to play or create.

Where to use:

• Day Camp Activities
• Physical Education Class
• Picnics
• Backyard Fun

This is a great way to learn and develop throwing skills without having to chase throws from the lesser skilled throwers. In time, the worst throwers in the world can become great with endless hours of practice.

As a Physical Education teacher for 25 years, I have had to be resourceful in not only the activities I have my students perform, but the equipment I have to work with. In my school district, the Physical Education budget has been very low. Usually a few hundred dollars to cover a curriculum that services 200-600 students per building.

I can't recall how I got this idea, as sometimes things just pop into my head during class time.

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Step 1: What You Need

Some of you might have this stuff already at home. If so, get out there and set up your targets immediately and start having fun.

  1. Reflective Rod Driveway Markers- These you can find at many home improvement or hardware stores for as little as $2 each. I use these in the winter to mark the edges of driveway so I don't run into the lawn with my snowblower.
  2. Mini-Sledge Hammer- Depending on the hardness of your soil you may need a hammer to drive your markers into the ground. Spring time rains brings soft soil, so I can usually push the markers into the ground. The heat of the summer makes our ground rock hard, so I bring out the hammer to drive the makers.
  3. Plastic or Paper Cups- Small paper or plastic cups from your local store. The cup helps to visually to locate the markers. At a long distance the markers are hard to locate without the cup on top. The cup flying off the cup on a direct hit gives satisfaction to the thrower. I have been reusing one pack of Solo 10 oz. cups for a couple years now. Seems like a good size and cheaper than going with the 18 oz. cup.
  4. Frisbees- Depending on your budget, age/skill level of throwers, and distance between marker/targets I would recommend one Frisbee per thrower, but no more than 2 throwers to one Frisbee. Working cooperatively with a friend by taking turns usually works great.
  5. Outdoor Space: No space is too large or too small for these activities. Just be aware of buildings and other outdoor structures and obstacles that love to eat up Frisbees, like roofs, ponds, pricker bushes, and wooded areas. Adjust where you place markers based on your space availability and skill level of throwers.
    • In my Physical Education classes I have spread out 24 markers to cover 1/2 a soccer stadium field giving kids a variety of distances to throw.
    • In our backyard we can use some of the yard structures as obstacles by placing marker behind structures.

Step 2: Set Markers

WARNING!! Check to be sure your markers are in good condition. DO NOT USE cracked or splintered markers. The last think you want is a trip to the hospital to remove a fiberglass splinter. Ouch! When driving markers I usually wear leather work gloves for that JUST IN CASE hitting a rock in the soil and cracking or splintering the marker.

  • Find where you want to place markers.
  • Point pointed end to ground.
  • Tap lightly with broadside of hammer. (larger surface area will help prevent striking your hand or wrist with hammer on a miss) Drive into ground about 4-6 inches.
  • Place cup upside down on marker.
  • Throw Frisbee at target and watch the cup fly!

Step 3: Practice and Game Play

Get creative with how you use and play with your new targets. Make your own games and rules.

Random Practice

  • Set markers randomly throughout your play space.
  • Randomly choose your targets.
    • Throw and follow.
    • Continue to follow and throw until you hit your target then choose another target.
    • Choose some far, choose some nearby.

Partner Practice and Competitive Play

  • Place two targets at any desired distance apart. Usually a distance that both throwers can throw relatively accurate.
  • Each person stands behind their partner's target.
  • Take turns throwing back and forth aiming for target.
    • If you want to make it competitive, score 1 point for a hit, 2 points for a hit and flipping the cup off the marker.
    • First thrower to 10 points wins!

Opposite Color Practice

  • If you have 10 markers in your space use 5 blue cups and 5 red cups on top of the markers. (or any two different colors)
  • Throw at target and follow your throw. If a miss, throw from where Frisbee landed and throw again.
  • After striking your target then choose another marker with the opposite color cup as your next target.
  • This helps randomize shooting a little bit especially for younger kids since many of them go for the nearest marker.

Flipper Golf (teach basic golf rules)

  • Place your markers randomly throughout your space.
  • Make a map numbering the markers.
  • Golfers should follow sequence of the markers as they would in golf.
  • Count each throw as a stroke.
  • A hit without flipping cup off is one point.
  • A hit with flipping cup off is worth two points.
  • Number of Throws minus points is score for the hole.
  • Yes... you can finish with a negative score.
  • Person with lowest score wins.

Step 4: Get Outdoors and Have Fun

I have shared with you a very inexpensive way to have fun with Frisbees. Equipment is cheap and easy to set up. Not to mention the markers can be re purposed along driveways during the winter months of snowy climates.


If you have any other ideas of how to use the markers and cups in an action filled game, please share.

Now get outside and have some fun!

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