FROSTY'S TOP HAT ORNAMENT From a Recycled Laundry Cap

Introduction: FROSTY'S TOP HAT ORNAMENT From a Recycled Laundry Cap

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I love the idea of reusing an item that would normally be thrown away.  Here is a simple ornament that encompasses that very concept, making Frosty the Snowman's top hat from a laundry detergent cap.  Parts of this project have to be done by an adult, but the fun decorating part is child friendly.

 (1) Laundry cap
 (1) can of Krylon Fusion spray paint for plastic OR Krylon Fusion primer
 (1) package of hooks and eyes
  Hot glue and Hot glue gun
  Buttons, tree trimming items, beads, silk flowers, anything to decorate your hat.
  Xacto knife


The laundry cap will have an inner section to it and this part will need to be trimmed off.  BE CAREFUL!!!!

Using the Xacto knife, make a score mark as close to the outer ridge of the cap as you can.  I think the picute of this can best describe what I'm talking about.  You don't have to press down hard for this step. 

Next you want to cut slash marks into the inner section.  Again, check out the picture.  Make the downward cuts every half inch or so around the cap and then you can just snap the pieces off.

Step 2: HOOK & EYE

To put the hook and eye in place hold it firmly at the center of the cap.  Place the cap on a smooth surface and twist the cap.  Don't try to twist the hook & eye into the cap, it is just too hard.  If you turn the cap and apply downward pressure on the eye piece, it will go right into the plastic.  Add a little hot glue to the inside of the cap, bottom of the eye piece, to keep the eye secure.


I have done this step in two ways.  First, just straight black spray paint.  Fast and easy.  However, I have also used spray primer when doing this project with small children and then I let them paint the hats with black acrylic paint.

Either way, make sure to do the inside of the cap.



Using ribbon or scrap fabric, make a brim for your top hat and then be as creative as you wish.   Go traditional Frosty with a gray hat, black brim and white flower OR jazz it up with a modern flair. 




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    4 years ago

    OMG so cute, thanks for sharing!

    My son always wants to play with these. this is a great idea as I have quite a few laying around. Thanks!

    I love to recycle plastic! Please keep sharing your ideas!

    I adore this whole instructable! What a charming way to recycle! 5 Stars!

    I just came across this 'ible today. It's very clever. I rarely purchase ornaments anymore so this is perfect for me. Also, I think, for giveaways. My friends are always so amazed when they see that I've made something useful from a throwaway item. Thanks for the tute!

    Cute idea. I could use this on another project I was thinking about doing! : )