FTP Music Streaming Service WIZMP3 Player

Introduction: FTP Music Streaming Service WIZMP3 Player

I will introduce a FTP Music Streaming Service WIZMP3 Player :)
You can make FTP Music Streaming Service WIZMP3 Player if you follow this contents.
It is very easy and simple way.
Let's start!

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Step 1: Preparation Material (Hardware)

We need a several meterials
1. WIZwiki-W7500 board
2. Seeed studio Music Shield
3. Text LCD
4. micro SD Card
5. Speaker
6. USB mini B type cable
7. LAN cable
8. Some jumper cables
They are all... for this project~!

Step 2: Preparation Material (Software)

We need a Software meterials

1. Firmware for WIZwiki-W7500 (mbed source code)


2. FTP Server (ALFTP)


3. Some mp3 files

Step 3: How to Use (Hardware)

Music Shield is stacking to WIZwiki-W7500
SD card is put to WIZwiki-W7500

and... Your connect meterials view to figures.
LCD - Music Shield - WIZwiki-W7500

Vss - GND Just Stacking

Vdd - 5V

V0 - 1K(register) - GND

RS - D8


E - D9

DB0 - NC

DB1 - NC

DB2 - NC

DB3 - NC

DB4 - D0

DB5 - D1

DB6 - D2

DB7 - D15

BLA - 5V


Text LCD connect to Music shied
that's all!!

Step 4: How to Use (Software) - IP Setting

First image.... You must change WIZwiki-W7500 IP & MAC

Second Image... You must change FTP Server IP & FTP Port & User name & Password & Port

WIZwiki-W7500 IP and FTP Server IP existed same Network

my case is

WIZwiki-W7500 IP :

FTP Server IP : (my PC)

and... after compile ~

bin file is drag & drop to mbed board(WIZwiki-W7500)

Step 5: How to Use (Software) - FTP Server Setting

FTP Server setting is write IP & ID & Password & Port

and... run~!

my case is...

FTP Server IP : 192. 168. 77. 209 (my PC)

ID : user

Password : pass

Port : 21

Step 6: How to Use (Software) - MP3 File Copy in FTPserver Repository

This step is just MP3 file copy in your FTPserver repository

but... mp3 name is must be 1~9.

1.mp3 ~ 9.mp3

Step 7: How to Use (Software) - RUN

Serial Terminal Run


Text LCD Run

that's it~

Step 8: Demo

Demo video

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