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Introduction: FUN LITTLE PURSE: Recycle Crafting

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These fabulous purses are so adorable that even I have a hard time believing that they originally were slated for the recycle bin.   This project does have some steps that have to be done by an adult, but the beaded handles are fun and easy for children to do.  As a matter of fact, my five year old did the ones you see here.

  Oval shaped plastic shampoo or conditioner bottles.
  Leather punch OR a drill with various sizes of drill bits
  Needlenose plyers
  Xacto knife
  Dry Erase marker


As was mentioned under supplies, the bottle you pick should be oval in shape.  Any variation on oval will work.  It is just the perfectly round bottles that you want to stay away from. 


First cut off the very top of your bottle so that you can give it a good cleaning and peal off any advertising stickers.


The purse design is simple.  The bottom of the bottle will form the body of the purse.  The back part of the bottle will become a fold-over flap to close the purse.

Using a ruler, measure up the sides of the bottle.  Place a small dot at your desired height.  Do this for both sides and then draw a straight line across the front.  Now add one half inch to each side of that line.  Stated another way, you are going to be cutting one half inch into the back side of the bottle.  Refer to the picture for the visual.

BEING CAREFUL, start cutting along the line you have drawn.  Don't try to cut through on your first time.  Make a score mark and then slowly cut through.

When you have the front cut, then you will want to cut directly up the sides.  Most bottles will have a joint mark on the sides for you to follow.  You will still have the half inch slit into the back, but for right now just cut up the sides of the bottle.


To make the flap closure, you can make a pattern to transfer onto the flap or just eyeball it.  The flap needs to be that half inch smaller than the front on each side or the handle won't fit properly.   Using a scissors or the Xacto knife, cut out your flap design.


On each side of the purse, right at the side joints, punch a small hole.  This hole will hold the handle.  

Make sure that you are punching the hole at each side and not on the back part of the bottle.


WIRE:  I just tend to use what I have, but the best rule is that you want to be able to twist it and have it be sturdy.  You also need to be able to put the beads on it.  So, not too heavy and not too thin :o)

Stick one end of the wire INTO the purse through the hole and make a coil on the end. 
The next step is to use your creativity and bead away. 

When you have the handle complete and it is as long as you would like it, stick the other end through the hole INTO the purse and form another coil.  You can keep coiling until all the slack is out of the wire.


For the closure, take one bead and string it onto a small piece of wire.  Form an X with the wire and give it a good twist.  You will have two pieces of wire twisted together.  Cut one off so that there is only one piece to thread through the purse. 

Punch a small hole in the center of the purse body and then string the bead through.  You will want to coil the end inside the purse to secure it.

Next, cut a corresponding hole in the flap.  This hole will be only slightly smaller than the bead you have used.  Now you will be able to push the bead through the larger hole to close your purse.


I made a wedding purse for a Bridal Shower.  The bottle I used had a white pearl sheen to it and the handle was Austrian Crystals.  I filled it with a spa gift card and some Godiva chocolate.

For the individual Easter egg basket, I used a round bottle.  I cut the bottle to look like a broken egg and hung them around the house filled with decorated eggs and candy.
I love Halloween and always give my girls a little gift.  This year I gave them these little Jack-O-Lantern purses with a prize inside.



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    Otima ideia,

    i'm going to share this on my facebook page in hoping everyone can make some. thanks again for sharing. this idea, i will be looking at all the plastic bottles with all the diffrent colors in diffrent ways how i could make a cute purse. and they don't have to be for little girls.since every women has a little girl living in them.they are great for all ages,thanks. im really excited to start tonight. love donise feb 22,2015

    2 replies

    I agree to that doniseg because it's not like a little girl can't have a tiny purse and that a women can't eather.

    feb 22,2015 wow, i knew if i saved all my plastic shamppo bottles and other. things. i could find something neat to make and these are really neat and fun.thank you for sharing. love donise god bless you amen

    These are super cute! I want to make some! Thanks for the great idea!

    these are amazingly 'cute'...looking fwd to making one for my granddaughter!

    These look like the perfect party favor for my daughter's 4th birthday party. It will be a my little pony party, so they will coordinate to the ponies really well!!! Thank you for the great idea!!!

    I just made three of these (I knew there was a reason I was saving all those empty bottles).
    I found that the bigger the bottle, the harder it was to cut because the plastic was thicker. But it was a lot easier than I thought to cut the edges smoothly. I just used scissors and it worked fine.
    Also I have these drinkable yogurt containers that are square that I cut to made a variation of a take out container- cut a semi-circle on each side with a slit.
    And I tried using wired ribbon for a handle on one- also looked very cute.
    I'm planning on using these as little gift bags, that is if my daughter will give them back to me.

    1 reply

    So adorable !! just curious before i start.. are the plastic cut edges safe or lil ones? has your daughter ever gotten cut by the edges or anything? thanks!!

    1 reply

    Thanks and the edges are not sharp. If you have any jagged edges, you can easily smooth them out with a scissors =)

    I love your ideas! Very clever and so cute. Kudos. I want to make some with/for my granddaughter. I think she will love this craft.