FUN & Usefull Keychains

Introduction: FUN & Usefull Keychains

These special keychains are perfect to attach to your keys! You can choose between serious (mailbox, key) and FUN (Twitter, fighter-jet) keychains. All this is easy to do in a FAB-lab when you use the next items:

Basic information:

Created with Adobe Illustrator CC
Plastic, Acryl Sheet 3mm
Laster-cutter, Universal Laser System

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Step 1: Adobe Illustrator

I made the keychains in Adobe Illustrator by drawing eight circles with small holes to attach them to your keys. after that I made the images that i wanted to cut out. Ofcourse you can modify them to your liking!

There are many other programs to make these vector-lines, but make sure your lines are:

0,072 pt thick
full red.  (255)

If you have a laster cutter connected, just print the file in Adobe Illustrator and you're ready to go!


Step 2: Cutting the Keys

Place your material in the machine, focus your work, and hit GO!

I recommend doing a couple of tests on the acrylic, since the epilog machines get so much use, the power can change from week to week as the machine wears down and receives maintenance.

Once the pieces are cut, all you need to do is remove the protective paper from both sides of the sheet and attach your keys.

Step 3: The Final Product!

There you are! Now you have your own custom keychains! (and they are unique!)

Step 4: A Reference to the Original Project

I was inspired by this project, but I wanted special keychains. And well I made what I wanted and now it's your turn! Thats why I choose to use the Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa) licence! 

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