Introduction: FUNBOT

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Its a custom made toy that's made from scratch, it is literally made to last and not break every once in a while. Enjoy !

I would personally like to see this developed into a "make your own toy thing".
  • 2 DIY IR proximity sensors.
  • 1 Light dependent resistor
  • 1 l293d motor driver
  • 1 atmega328 with arduino bootloader
  • buzzer
  • small speaker
  • tamiya gearbox + tank treads
  • bump switch
  • some code

Feel free to ask questions.

Layout sensor board
Layout MCU board

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    links are dead. Please, could you upload them again? Thank you.

    nice toy dud shoud show thje lines of codes used in this toy

    I am very interested in building this with my son and daughter, can I please get A LOT more information? Parts, schematics, lists, prices? any thing you can tell me will be very worth it to me. Please let me know, thank you.

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    Nice toy! :D

    but I can't see the schematic..only the PCB layout and the codes...please share the schematic...


    hye its just a layout schemetic..i want whole circuit diagram..

    Will do once i tidy up the schematics. you will have to settle with what is above for now, if you have any questions in particular feel free to ask ! :)