EASY GARDEN LIGHTS [<10$] [< 5 Min. to Make]




Introduction: EASY GARDEN LIGHTS [<10$] [< 5 Min. to Make]

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These Lights add beauty to you BACKYARD or GARDEN & are VERY VERY EASY TO MAKE it. These Light Balls will just Cost UNDER 10$ only. These are PORTABLE & can be kept anywhere in the backyard to increase the beauty. People of ANY AGE can make these Ligths in no time.

Step 1: Materials Required

1. White Glass Spherical Lamp Shades (1-5$)

These can be bought from a Second Hand store for around 2$ Each. They are available online but for a much higher rate of around 10$, So I suggest you to by these from a thrift or second hand store.

Glass Shades (U.S.) -10$

Glass Shades (U.K.) -7 Euro

2. Battery Operated Led Lights of One Colour of Your Choice 10 or 20-Count Led (2-10$)

These can be bought from any online site. Make sure that the ones you find are battery operated otherwise there would be a problem finding a socket, and the wire will show etc.

Orange 20-count (6$)

Blue 20-count (6$)

Pink 20-count (6$)

Green 20-count (6$)

Red 20-count (6$)


1. Coil the LED Lights in such a manner that the LEDs are spread evenly.

2. Now, insert the coiled LEDs into the Opaque Shade from the open side.

3. Make sure that you place the LEDs in such a manner that the Switch & Battery are facing out on the open side of the Opaque Sphere Shade, so that the battery can be changed in the feature and the LEDs can be turned off/on to save battery.

4. Stick the Battery Box (Refer Image) carefully to the rims of the Opaque Shade.

5. Now turn on the LEDs on and place the LIGHT BALLS at your desired place in your Backyard.



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    Guys, if u liked it please VOTE for me..

    Pleasure sharing with you guys. If you like it please vote for me.

    I think this is a great idea...you could also use some of the solar powered out door LED lighting as well. Just hide the solar panel.

    1 reply

    Very pretty result! Would you say the light strands are generally outdoor safe? I'm just wondering about moisture getting into the battery box (like if this were placed in my garden).

    1 reply

    No, Nothing would happen as such. I dont even have much idea as i kept it for only 2-3 days now