NOTE: This is a "show and tell" kind of affair rather than a tutorial. But I've included the basics of how I made it just in case anyone wants some ideas for getting started on their own Futurama costumes.


Made of maroon fleece and yellow felt (~$10)
I unstitched a t-shirt and used that as a pattern, but lengthened it a bit for the skirt part.
The shoulder fins were each made by making and stitching together two boomerang-shaped pieces of yellow felt.
The shoulder epaulets were just rectangles of yellow felt stitched directly to the shoulders.

Belt: A regular black leather belt with a piece of yellow felt.
Boots: Women's boots from the thrift store, spray painted white, with the top cut into the right shape using scissors.

Gloves: Traced each hand twice on white felt (but with fatter fingers). Sewed the two halves together. Kind of ill-fitting and uncomfortable, but they worked well enough.

Legs: Actual legs.


Hair: Purple wig.

Clothes: White tank top, black leggings.

Blaster: Water pistol, spray painted silver.

Boots: Covered an existing boot in plastic wrap and packing tape, then cut the "tape boot" off of foot. Used the tape pieces as a pattern to make a sort of boot cover out of grey felt.

Eye: I cut a piece of wire mesh out of a kitchen strainer and used that as the frame. I spray painted it white and covered it in two layers of cheese cloth. I stitched white felt around edge and an elastic to the sides. The pupil is a circle of black felt.

We won first place at a costume contest with these.

Thanks for looking!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    your boot pattern technique is quite ingenious! the costumes looks great!


    4 years ago

    haha nice!


    4 years ago

    It may not be as sensual as velour, but it's a fine Zapp.

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