FX-9 Crossbow V2.5

Introduction: FX-9 Crossbow V2.5

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Here it is, the long awaited FX-9 Crossbow V2.5. This crossbow uses half the pieces and gets twice the range of the V1. It uses a new trigger system, grip and bow which stretches the rubber bands twice as far resulting in a farther shooting crossbow. Not much more to say. I tried to upload my video but it won't let me.
So sound good??
Let's start building.

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Step 1: Piece Count

Piece count.
White 27
Blue 8
Yellow 155
Purple 4
Green 11
Red 26
Light gray 8
Orange 9
Gray clip 57

Red 25
Yellow 12
Blue 30 one can have ends cut off but its not necessary.
White 69 three of them need the ends cut off
Green 188

Odds and ends:
Ball joint 6
Black hands 13 (oooooo)
Hinges 6
Blue spacers 16
Gray spacers 16
Small wheels 8
And 2 hands like steel

That's a grand total of 649 pieces.
Let's hope you have enough and get building.

Step 2: Time to Build the Bow

This step is fairly easy. You could probably build from the first picture but I'll try to break it up.

Picture 1: This is what you will be building.
Picture 2: Build four of these.
Picture 3: Build two of these.
Picture 4: Build two of these.
Picture 5: Another view of picture 4.
Picture 6: Build two of these. Like every thing before hand.
Picture 7: Gather 12 red rods. (Green in my case)
Picture 8: These are the parts of the bow you should have built.
Picture 9: Add the 12 green rods.
Picture 10: Add the next panel.
Picture 11: Now add the third panel
Picture 12: last thing to do is add the wheels to where they are in the picture. Do this to each side.
Good job onto the next step.

Step 3: Trigger

Okay you should be able to build these things.

Picture 1: Build this (use a cut white rod or cut flexi the same length)
Picture 2: Build these
Picture 3: Connect with a white rod. The one with the extra black hand goes in the middle.
Picture 4: Add the cut white rods (or cut flexi rods)
Picture 5 Add a weak rubber band as shown.
Good job! Now that wasn't that hard.

Step 4: Handle

Alright. It's time to build the handle.

Picture 1: Build these.
Picture 2: Build these niknaks.
Picture 3: connect all three niknaks with a blue rod.
Picture 4: make these dodads. (that is a technical term)
Picture 5: connect with a blue rod and a cut blue. ( You don't have to use a cut blue rod but it makes it more comfortable.
Picture 6: Add the niknaks and dodads lol.
Picture 7: add the trigger.
Picture 8: add the second part of the trigger.
Picture 9: finally add the other side.
Okay on to the hard step.

Step 5: Time for Building the Arm.

This is the first of two steps on the arm.

Picture 1: Build this. Not that hard.
Picture 2: Push the three together.
Picture 3: Build these.
Picture 4: Push the three together.
Picture 5: Build these panels.
Good job lets go.

Step 6: Second Part of the Arm

Picture 1: Build three of these.
Picture 2: Make these things.
Picture 3: Connect like so.
Picture 4: Make these things.
Picture 5: Add this.
Picture 6: Add this.
Picture 7: Add this.
Picture 8: Put on the other side.

Okay lets put every thing together.

Step 7: Time to Put It All Together.

Heres the part you've all been waiting for.

Picture 1: Add these three parts to one side.
Picture 2: Add this large part.
Picture 3: Add the other side.
Picture 4: Connect the grip but make sure it is facing the same way as the pic.
Picture 5: Add this block to the correct end.
Picture 6: Now add the handle to the other end.
Picture 7: Add these two blue rods.
Picture 8: Add these 6 spacers on both sides.
Picture 9: Connect this side of the bow.
Picture 10: Connect the other one.

Step 8: Rubberbands and Loading

Last step
Picture 1: Add these blue rods.
Picture 2: Put a rubberband on the trigger like so.
Picture 3: Tie two strings of six rubber bands.
The next three pictures show you how to add rubber bands.
On the last photo just snap the bullet in like so and add the rubber bands.

I hope you all like the gun.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Have fun

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25 Discussions


8 years ago on Step 8

by the way you have missed out pciture 2 and 3 but i should be manage to make it! :)


10 years ago on Step 3

 Do you need that green part?


Reply 10 years ago on Step 3

Yes you do. All you have to do is cut the ends off a white rod to get it.  But you will use it more then in this gun.


hey you should make a fx-9 crossbow 3.0 and make a stock for this. id love that and it would be easy.

cool bas3
cool bas3

10 years ago on Step 5

need you that cutted yellow conector???


10 years ago on Step 3

There isn't a pic five.


10 years ago on Introduction

I gave a 5.0 :) Good instructions... good weapon, but my only question left is... What ammo do you use?

Very cool. I would suggest adding a final step with ammo and how to load. Otherwise great instructable. 4.5*