Introduction: Fa"Isu"(フェ”イス”)

This is Fa"Isu"(face stool)

for TenkaizuBudoukai.

Fa"Isu" is two sets of stool.

Material:MDF2.5mm 1820×910mm 2sheets

How to make
0. Making a trial piece
1. Cut (Red line is cutting)
2. Assemble

[tools] laser cutting machine(trotec speedy 300) 3D printer(cube)

Software : 123D Design > 123D Make > Illustrator

[Link] Stool contest: https://www.facebook.com/TenkaizuBudokai

f.Labo: http://f-labo.tumblr.com/

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    This seems really cool, but some more details on what it actually is wouldn't go amiss. Thanks for sharing!