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Introduction: Fablab Chess

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I am in love with chess, so I decided to make a board by myself. It is rather small. One will prefer to play on a bigger board if play at home, but it is cool to take it, if you want to play outside.

You will need 3mm plywood and 8 magnets with 6mm diameter

I made it on 100W Laser machine

Step 1: Step 0: 3D

I made a 3D first, to see how it will look like

Step 2: Step 1: Engrave Ornament

Engrave ornament and color on the figures

I set raster: S50, P30

Step 3: Step 2: Cut Figures

I set: vector: S6, P80

Step 4: Step 3: Engrave the Board

I set: raster: S50, P30

Step 5: Step 4: Cut the Board

I set: vector S6, P80

Step 6: Step 5: Engrave Niches

Overturn the board and engrave niches for the figures on the other side of it. We need to get 1,5 mm depth

I set: raster. S50, P60 twice

Step 7: Step 6: Niches for the Magnets

Engrave niches for the magnets on the same side. We need to get 1 mm depth

I set: raster. S50, P30

Step 8: Here You Are

I made it not from the first try.

Thank you, Fablab77 in Russia for the laser and advices!

Step 9: Corel Draw File

Welcome to use this file as the layout.

You will probably need to change settings for your laser machine.

Good luck!

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    This is exactly what we need... I feel like we have about a dozen chess boards with missing pieces.


    If you lay the pieces down flat on the chess board it'll look kind of like Japanese shogi!

    With the swirls it almost looks like a drift wood chess set, which I think it awsome! Thanks for sharing!