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Introduction: Fabric Flower Hair Accessory

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As the song says, "If you're going to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair". Well, it doesn't matter where you're going, these flowers will be the perfect touch for any Spring outfit! They don't take very long to make and it's a fun project for girls to do with their friends.

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Step 1: Supplies

For this project you will need:

Lightweight cotton fabric scraps

plastic headband or plastic hair combs

Needle and thread



Step 2: Cut Fabric

Cut fabric on the bias. (This will keep the fabric from unraveling)

Large flowers 4" x 26"

small flowers 3" x 18"

Cut the ends of fabric strips to a point.

Step 3: Press

Fold fabric strips in half lengthwise and press.

Step 4: Gather

With a needle and thread, gather the fabric strip along the long raw edge. Gather the long strips up until they are about 6" long and the shorter strips up until they are about 5" long. Secure with a knot.

Step 5: Make a Rose

Begin rolling up the gathered fabric strip at one end and securing with needle and thread every couple of inches. Continue rolling and stitching until you get to the end. Make 1 large and 2 small for each headband.

Step 6: Sew Flowers to Headband

Place a large fabric rose off center of the headband and secure with needle and thread. Place a small fabric rose on either side of the large one and hand stitch these to the headband also.

You could use a hot glue gun to attach to the headband or comb if you like.

That's all there is to it!

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    5 years ago

    I really like this
    it's really easy but really fashionable at the same time!


    5 years ago



    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very Cool. A good project for girls for a rainy day. Something they can use in the future for packages ,decorating, or juust for fun..