Fabric Plant Coasters



Introduction: Fabric Plant Coasters

Potted plants need coasters too! It's a nice change from using the typical clay saucer that the pots usually come with, especially for indoor plants. These coasters can be used for drinks too, if you're so inclined.

This project is also a great way to use up fabric remnants and scraps that are too small to do much else with.

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Step 1: Materials

  • Fabric scraps
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine / needle and thread
  • Potted Plant (optional)

Step 2: Cut Pieces

Cut a square of whatever material you're going to use for the main coaster body. I had leftover burlap, so I used this. However, the burlap has holes, so I also added a soft cotton fabric to the bottom to [hopefully] absorb and extra water that gets past the burlap.

The border pieces just need to be long enough to cover each side. If you want to hide the edges of the fabric and keep them from fraying, the border pieces should also be wide enough to fold over to achieve this.

In the photos above, I cut a 45-degree angle out of the side that's going to show -- however, this is not necessary. This makes the piece fold over more nicely, but you can fold over a plain rectangle and it works just fine.

Step 3: Sew

First I sewed the absorbent underside to the burlap squares, just to keep them in place.

After this, sew the border pieces on however you like! The easiest way is to sew on two opposite sides (ex: left and right sides), then sew the remaining sides over that (ex: top and bottom). In these photos, I made each border piece go over the next piece, to give it a rotating feel. Totally up to you.

Notice in the photos I also cut the corners off the border pieces. This is completely unnecessary, but can make the pieces look a little cleaner, because otherwise when you fold them over themselves the undersides can poke out a bit.

Step 4: Done!

Put your plants / glasses / whatever on them and enjoy!

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