Fabulous Distressed Lego Desk: How To

Introduction: Fabulous Distressed Lego Desk: How To

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I updated this old desk for my son to use. He loves playing with his duplos on it. There's lot of storage, as well as extra space to do artwork.

It's a pretty simple project, although distressing furniture can be time consuming. I like distressed furniture for kids though because they tend to be hard on furniture and distressing hides all the extra bumps and bruises.

Step 1: Purchase an Old Desk

I found this desk at Restore for $40

Step 2: Paint and Distress the Desk

I painted, distressed, added stain, then finished with poly. The top is a different color than the body of the desk.

Visit my blog post, Drab to Dreamy Lego Desk, for detailed instructions on how to distress a desk, as well as the color combos used.

Step 3: Add Lego Plate

I just used glue to hold the Lego (Duplo in this case) down. Pretty simple.

Here's a video tutorial for this piece: https://youtu.be/P9oZRqPDrkI

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