Face Makeup

First get a foundation that is one shade darker or the same as your skin tone.
Next use a sponge, brush or fingers to pat on the foundation.
Dot it on different spots that need appliance.
Next, blend the dots together.

Next apply bronzer (a good shade to not make you look to dark but just to even out your skin tone)
Use a blush brush and the same method you use for foundation

Then apply concealer in any spots that need to be covered up.
Make sure to get the right color for your skin tone.

Lastly, apply blush (whatever color you like)
Make a fish face and apply on the apples of your cheeks.
Brush upwards towards your eyes.

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I would like to add that some people, such as myself, just enjoy it. I love the calming effect that putting it on has, the symmetry that I can achieve, and the creativity I get to use in picking color combinations and styles. You go honey, thank you for putting up a tutorial to help people with ideas and techniques.


    4 years ago

    But makeup helps boost confidence


    This instructable is very well put together and is great... But it sickens me that people wear makeup. Why not just roll with natural beauty? Sorry to burst ur bubble but makeup is a waste of time and money. As females we need to know that we are beautiful without makeup!!!