Face Swap



Introduction: Face Swap

you DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN EXPERT in photoshot for this.... I am SERIOUS

Step 1: Click Your Front and Side Profile

Hi All,

I have created a face swap technique through which you can swich you face from front to side profile just in one picture.

Step 2: Open Photoshop

open Photoshop and open the pictures in different tabs.

Click on "quick selection tool" and select the body portion

Step 3: Settings

for both images, do the same process as depicted in the images now click on refine image option and add the settings as described.

Step 4: Lets Refer to the Tutorial Video

now move the picture to the first tab..... OK to explain this in text must be a bit difficult.

Please visit this video below for precised description.

Also i have attached the PSD file for reference. Please follow the steps in the video very carefully.

Please give a like if you liked it. :P :D

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