Face Vase II: a Two-Faced 3D Learning Activity (Made at TechShop)



Introduction: Face Vase II: a Two-Faced 3D Learning Activity (Made at TechShop)

In a previous Instructable, "Face Vase: A 3D Learning Activity," I showed how to create a profile vase using Word and Excel and by stacking round disks onto a post.

In this more involved activity for older kids, squares are color-coded and glued together to create a unique, 2-color version. This version can also be cut with a heavy duty cutter, so a laser cutter is not required.

Step 1: Materials

Face Vase Data (see Instructable, "Face Vase: A 3D Learning Activity)

Permanent Marker(s), any color

Glue Stick

Carboard (approximately 1/16" thick)


Heavy Duty Blade or Shears (or ideally, access to a Laser Cutter)

Small Empty Box (Optional, used to stack squares prior to gluing)

Step 2: Prepare Squares

Use your data to create the number and size of squares needed.

Color one or more edges of each square. Here, I colored the front and back edges.

Step 3: Stack and Preview

You can start gluing your squares together right away, or if you want a preview, stack them in a small empty box using the inside corner to keep everything aligned.

Note: Lining up the squares in a corner will create a profile with exaggerated features, but it is a good way to check the overall profile before gluing.

Tip: A clear box will allow you to see how the model will look from different sides.

Step 4: Start Gluing

Start stacking and gluing, keeping track of whatever color scheme that you chose. No need to measure (unless you're an engineer), just use the sides or corners of the squares as your guide.

Tip: If you have narrow features, it may be easier to build it in sections.

Step 5: Finished Vase

You get a different colored vase depending on your viewing angle, and for a unique perspective, watch it as it spins.

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