Introduction: FacePie

First of all please excuse me for my poor English, as i am not a native speaker. 

As for a pie: I've made it for my friends birthday party. The pie itself is really simple, tricky part for me was stencil, not even so tricky as it was time consuming. It was my second stencil and it took me more then 3 hours to make, cause i have no skills in photoshop at all. Anyways i think it was worth the time.

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Step 1: Dough

Messy part :) No matter how hard i try, i always make it MESSY! 
Frozen yeast 0,050 kg (around 2 oz)
Wheat flour 1,5 kg  (around 3 lb)
Milk 0,5 liter (16 Oz)
Warm water 0,5 liter (16 Oz)
Olive oil 0,05 liter (1,5 Oz)
Sugar 1 tbs
Salt 1 tbs

First u put yeast in the warm water, then add all the other ingredients stir until dissolve, start adding flower until it'll get too thick to stir. Sprinkle a clean working surface with flour and turn the dough onto the surface. Knead adding flour if needed until dough feels smooth and elastic. Then leave it in a greased bowl for an hour or two in room temperature to GROW. This time I've used for cutting stencil

Step 2: Stencil

This was the hardest step for me. First i took a picture of my friend, since i couldn't find one with high resolution on the web. Not the best one for stencil perhaps, but the best one i could make without provoking any suspicion. So, i cut his face in photoshop, used option in image adjustments called "threshold"  and turned picture into rough black and white. Next i opened file in paint and fixed the edges and lines while deleting all the white and black dots making the picture smoother since i wanted to keep a digital copy. Then I've printed the picture and reinforced its back side with two layers of sticky tape. I bet there are simpler ways of doing it but I've chosen the one that involves cuticle scissors and almost and hour of boredom. By the time I've finished stencil, the dough grown and was ready for flattening. 

Step 3: Decoration and Baking

For the stuffing i used liver pâté that I've made a day earlier. I do not want to give all my secrets away in one day, so u can stuff your pie with whatever u want: fruits, mushrooms, meat, etc, just remember to add more sugar to the dough if u intend to make it sweet.

I have flattened 3 sheets of dough to cover bottom and top of the pie and one to make some decoration.
 After i covered pâté with dough and wrapped the edges, I have sprinkled some melted butter on the surface, so that the color ingredient (in this case dried parsley) would stick to the dough after I'd remove stencil. Then I've made some corrections to the picture adding and removing parsley here and there to make it look nice. Last step was adding some decoration that was intended to look like leaves and covering it with egg yolk and the pie was ready to go into the oven. 

20 minutes, 150 C and it was finally ready

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