Facebook Hack 2017 Undetectable and FullProof

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Today, I am back with Another Cool and Dirty Stuff, Yeah! you read it Right, its Dirty because Hacking is a criminal offence But I Decided to Share my Knowledge for educational and pentesting Purpose.

Warning:-Using this Trick to Hack Someone's Facebook Account may land you up in Jail. So use this trick on your own Risk.

Actually if you ever typed how to hack facebook ? on Google. then you might see many results .

Such as.

(1)Facebook Hacking software(exe Download)

(2)Online Facebook Hacking Tool

(3)Facebook.py Scripts etc.

but the Ground Reality is No one can ever Hack Facebook Database and Fetch Data from these Databases.

Then You might ask me what for the above results for? Believe me they are fake and can never work they are present on internet so as to make you complete their offers and money goes to their pockets.

Now, You must be thinking that am I also the one trying to Waste your time? So Answer is No i am just Clarifying your

internet driven thoughts

Now without Taking much of Your Time, Let's Start.


Step 1: Method 1:Keylogging

Its the most common and widely used exploitation attack in which hacker makes a automatic executable Script and job of this Script is to fetch user Keyboard key presses, Record them in a file and transmit this file to Hacker's System Where Hacker Decodes the data and he is Done. He can now access victim's facebook Account.

But nowadays because of modern antivirus devices keylogging softwares and scripts are quarantined immediately as soon as it reaches into victim's System with antivirus.

so its use has been decreased considerably.

Step 2: Method:2 Phishing(Best of All Methods If Implemented Properly)

This method Requires html file of exact copy of Facebook Login Page,Php Script file (for harvesting victim's data) and a server with ftp support.

that's it you are ready to go most hackers make exact facebook looking page like i tried to make then upload these files onto server and send the link of your fake facebook website in such a way that victim logins into facebook using our page and done details like email and password of victim will be saved onto ftp server

i attached my fake facebook page below in next step

WARNING:phishing is a criminal Offence and can land you directly into jail so using this method for Real World Hacking Purpose can be dangerous for you ! i am sharing just for educational purpose.

Step 3: Download Hack Files



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