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READY FOR HALLOWEEN!!............No?.... Then here's and easy costume that rocks!

I have entered this into the EASY HALLOWEEN COSTUME COMPETITION! so you can make one for your self.


Basically Halloween was around the corner and I didn't want to be the typical Vampire with face paint : F I wanted to stand out from the crowd, I was like a celebrity the attention it generated! 

I was originally thinking to go as the Apple iPod advert all blacked out with a colourful background, but I had an idea along the same lines why not go as a webpage..... Facebook!  Here is a brief description on how I did it!

Step 1: Gathering the Materials!

So I had less than 8 hours to make the outfit because as perusal I leave everything to the last moment, so I headed down to my local supply store (B&Q) to find some supplies!

I knew I needed a light material so I looked at plywood but because of the lack of time I chose the cardboard  material that goes on the back of a cupboard, one of the reasons I chose this is that it was already coloured white on one side no painting required! plus it was a lot lighter.

I was sure that this material was to flimsy so I bought some thin pieces of wood to go around the sides to give it some strength.
so now I had to get a large piece of cardboard home on my scooter : / my own fault I never think!

So I got a bit clever and got one of the staff to cut it right down the middle. I then taped the whole thing together and put it on my scooter, I was sure that if I went over 30 MPH I was going to take off with out the need of E.T.

Step 2: Home Now to Build!

Build Build Build!!!

So I got home alive and only slightly came off the ground : P turning corners was the hardest part nearly hitting the edge on the ground. I now understand that it was silly and that I could have been pulled over try explaining the situation to the police officer.

"Very sorry officer I have this cardboard on my bike to make a face book outfit...." 

OK back to business, I laid the cardboard down with the white side face down and using a small saw I cut the pieces of wood to the correct size. One problem I encountered was that the back of the cardboard was slightly well hairy? I don't know the best way to describe it but I knew that sticking would be difficult.

But I went ahead and done that anyway as I was running out of time it was already dark and I needed to be out soon!
I stuck the wood around the sides using no more nails that I had lying around. Notice that their is some hinges well I had an Idea that seeing as this was cut in half I could add a small flap to make this easier to get in a cab home when I am completely out of it and have probably lost the thing anyway. That didn't work because the hairy cardboard would not adhere properly!.

Step 3: Adding the Display Picture : )

So now I need to cut a hole for my ugly mug to peer through!

Using a Jigsaw and my breakfast table I cut a hole, Please don't ask for measurements I cut on a prayer. It did come out wavy but I think that the rush I was in it could have been a lot worse ( Triangle ).

So I stuck another piece of wood across the top to stop it bowing in the middle, after that it just seemed really sturdy and would hold up  to my drunken dancing!.

OK being a complete Muppet I thought I could no more nails a pair of handles to the hairy cardboard, there must have been about less than two centre meters of surface area on the handles with no more nails on. Stupid I touched them and they fell off instantly!!

I used sand paper to give the display picture hole more of a straight edge it helped slightly ( After this picture ) I then took the bottom half of the board and glued and screwed the bottom half on, It was not great screws showing and you could see a join but I knew I could recover this using the printed images on the front : d


Step 4: Printing the Facebook Page

OK now comes the most important part, printing off the my Facebook page and up scaling it!I

So I jumped on my pc and got two screen shots of the lower and bottom parts of my own Facebook page ( Oh that's not my printer in the picture but you knew that ).

Now I want you to remember that I was short of time and a Lot of it had been wasted and I still had to get ready! So I opened Photo shop and got to work. now I have the original image that I made that was both sides of my Facebook page merged together if you want if let me know because I completely changed it and if you zoom in on the finished product you will see what I mean ( Its funny)

The printing process was hard and I wasted A lot of paper, A lot!!!. It was really trial and error for most parts I knew I could not just print the full page especially with an A4 printer that had a centre meter margin!. So I basically sectioned off different parts of my Facebook page and adjusted the size until they fitted the Facebook outfit cardboard. The outfit was to no scales or measurements so I just printed and hoped for the best.

So I changed a lot of the content one the page and just added funny jokes,quotes and pictures this was easy Google helped lol. So I got printing and trimming and got a whole page printed out I was really impressed but this was just pieces of A4 paper stuck to a white board they would just get pulled off and ruined. So I grabbed some sticky laminate paper rolls that I had and completely stuck it down. I'd like to point out I had no help at this point and it was very very difficult this stuff was sticky! and I was rushing.

Excuses over it was done and I needed to be out of my house ASAP People were waiting for me! 


Step 5: The Finished Product (not for Sale) : P

This is my completed outfit, its hard to call it an outfit its more like an incomplete sandwich board! 

I know what your thinking how the hell did he carry this around all night..... My mum, No she didn't carry it she gave me an idea I put stapled some straps together and screwed some hooks on both sides and looped the strap around the hook and over my shoulders.

It was more comfortable than it sounds, It did bang my knee slightly as I walked and the strap slipped off at times. We walked for a good 25 minutes before getting transport and it help up fine!

So check the next page with me wearing it!

Step 6: Me Out and About!


 I was in Romford! and to me and my mates surprise people were going crazy!

I Had groups of people coming up to me wanting to have pictures taken with me and inside the display picture with me! it was crazy!
My Male friends were deeply jealous and said that they are going to change the name and rent it off me for next Halloween : P.

I hope you liked my Instructable!

Any questions Please feel free to ask!


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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent. That looks way cool. I couldn't picture it at first when I heard of it, but you nailed it. Love the way you have your head poking through the profile pic. Really imaginative and original.

    Great stuff!!!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome costume. Liquid nails or a staple gun may have worked better for you than nails.

    1 reply

    7 years ago on Introduction

    This as absolutely awesome! What a great idea! I would love to open the door to a salesman wearing this...

    Good job!

    1 reply

    7 years ago on Introduction

    kinda reminds me of "how i met your mother" when the episode starts with ted saying how life had changed with smathphones as he us walkin to the pud u see internet pages overlay next to the person as he walks the street..

    hilariouse anyway , nice costume

    2 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Oh I haven't seen that episode but I get what your saying from the picture you posted! Very cool!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    sorry for the grammar, and thats what i was talking about :D still, kudos

    claudette sova

    7 years ago on Step 6

    That is a very clever idea.......could have been done on just cardboard from an appliance or refrigerator box gotten from an appliance store too. Much lighter and cheaper than buying the board you bought.

    Love it when people come up with great ideas like yours. I hope you won a prize for the most clever.

    1 reply

    Thank you for your nice comment! Good idea using recyclable materials! I am sure that there would have been some old refrigerator boxes or something around!

    Next time I hope I won't be rushing so I can think about it properly. : )