Faceted Jungle Panther Trophy


Introduction: Faceted Jungle Panther Trophy

Hello guys,

I started my first project after reading Krummey post about faceted trophies.

I found a free 3D model of a panther head, modified it a bit to ease the crafting.

I used blender (free 3D software) to modify the faceted model.

Please find the pattern for the panther head on my blog.

Step 1: Tips for Crafting

Few tips I can share after 3 different trophies :

- use a paperknife to "pre-fold" parts.

- use a good glue, it will be way easier. I use 3M Scotch Gel Glue (green one), I guess you can find it worldwide.

- use a thick paper.I use 240g/m² and it works perfectly.

- assemble and glue the smallest part first, for the panther the mouth area is really hard to make !

- be patient ! It's a long run to finish your trophy :)



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    Hello, please send me a .pdf file. Thanks! :)



    10 months ago

    My email : izzyfg@yahoo.fr


    10 months ago

    Hi, please could you send me the pdf file

    Hi,could you please send me the pdf?



    j'aimerais savoir comment plier la tête de panthere

    3 replies


    Je ne suis pas sur de comprendre ta question.

    Il faut juste imprimer le PDF, découper les formes puis coller les languettes sur les surfaces correspondantes en pliant les formes selon les pointillés

    Le seul HIC que j'ai eu est de savoir si on doit plier vers l'intérieur ou l'extérieur. J'attends la reponse.


    concernant le sens de pliage :

    ------- ►plier vers l'intérieur

    _._._._►plier vers l'extérieur

    en toute logique tu dois plier majoritairement vers l'intérieur, c'est à dire que tu fais ta "pré-pliure" au cutter sur l'extérieur de ton trophée (partie apparente au final)... je ne sais pas si je me suis fait bien comprendre..

    Ok j'avais pas le mode d'emploi des pliures. du coup j'ai fait un peu comme j'ai pu.

    Il me reste les dents à mettre en place mais c'est complexe.

    J'envoie une photo quand j'aurai fini

    Hi, I have started to work on the panther. It is not as good looking as yours but well still looking like a panther...

    I realized almost finished that I did some foldings wrong. Is ther a way to identify if you should fold in or out?

    I will post my final result soon.

    PS: Is the PDF file on your blog exactly the one you used for your project? It seems to me way more faceted...

    1 reply

    Hello !

    Well I reduced the number of facets between my work and the model.

    The mouth is a little bit less complicated.

    It's a pretty though project, with a lot of very little facets. I'm looking forward seeing you work !!

    Sadly I finished this project before thinking to post it here.

    However I will detail the steps I did.

    I'm planning to post more, for the next project I will take pictures to show how I did it ! (I use Krummey tuto).