Fade a LED With a Potentiometer on Intel Galileo and Visual Programming

This tutorial shows you how to fade a LED using a potentiometer on Intel Galileo using the Intel IoT Development Kit and Wyliodrin. You will need:

* Intel Galileo Board, rev 1 or 2

* a Grove Shield

* a Grove LED

* a Grove Potentiometer

* a Galileo Wyliodrin account (www.wyliodrin.com)

Instead of writing code, you can drag and drop blocks and Wyliodrin will write the Python source and run it.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Glad to see more Galileo projects trickling in. That said, without a little more information and less wyliodrin-centric tutorials, these are going to run afoul of our spam-unfriendly community as they become more popular.