Fading LED




Introduction: Fading LED

Hello I'm Christopher Tjia and today I'm gonna show you how to make a fading LED.

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Step 1: Watch the Video

the the video is in my youtube channel Christopher Tjia, link:

Step 2: Buy All of the Components

The components for thias project are:

1pc 9V power supply, for this i'm using a variable bench power supply

1pc red LED

1pc 10 uF capacitor

1pc NE555 timer chip

1pc 470 ohm resistor

1pc 100k ohm resistor

1pc BC547 transistor

and some wires

Step 3: Schematic

For how does this fading LED works, will be in my next instructables.

Step 4: Arrage the NE555 Pin

First arrage the NE555 timer chip pin like this

Step 5: Connect the Resistor

Then solder the 100k ohm resistor to pin 3 of the NE555

Step 6: Connect the The Transistor

Connect the base pin of the BC547 transistor to the other pin of the 100k ohm resistor

Step 7: Connect the Other Resistor

Connect the 470 ohm resistor to the emitter pin of the BC547 transistor

Step 8: Connect the LED

Connect the positive pin of the LED to the other pin of the 470 ohm resistor

Step 9: Conect the Capacitor

Connect the positive pin of the 10 uF capacitor to the 100k ohm resistor and the base pin of the BC547

Step 10: Connect Pin 6

connect pin 6 of the NE555 to the 100k ohm resistor, the base pin of the BC457 transistor, and to the positive pin of the 10uF capacitor

Step 11: Connect the Components to VCC and Ground

Connect pin 8 and pin 4 of the NE555 and the emitter pin of the BC547 to the VCC. And pin 1 of the NE555, negative pin of the 10uF capacitor, and the negative pin of the LED to Ground.

Step 12: Testing

If you connect every thing correctly then if you apply power to the cirxuit then the LED will start fading in and fading out. Thank yopu for reading this instructables, please like and share , until next time, BYE.

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    3 years ago

    I like that analog voltmeter, didnt saw one for a
    long time :)