Fading LED Circuit Explanation

hello, like i promise in my previous instructuble today i will tell you how a fading led circuit works.

Step 1: Read My Previous Instructable

in my previous instructuble, i show you how to make a fading led, link:


Step 2: Watch the Video

the video is in my youtube channel Christopher Tjia. link:

Step 3: The Explanation

the ne555 timer is used in astable mode, and the transistor is used to amplify the current. in astable mod the ne555 tmer oscillate in a particular frequency, that means output pin 3 will go high and low periodically. if pin 3 is high, the transistor will start working and amplifies the current. current will go through the capacitor and charge th capacitor. and the led will glow. and after that pin 3 will be low, the transistor will stop working and the capacitor will discharge through the collector-emitter junction and the led will illuminate fade. so, the fading led depends on the value of the capacitor and the resistor. if say, i used a 30uF capacitor, the led will fade slower.

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