Colour Changing Led Table

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This isa project that I made for my wood working class. It was designed to look good whilst remaining simple interms of electronics and physical design.

It uses automatic fading leds, this saves time and money as a microcontroller would cost more and would require programming and a driver to be made.

Basic Construction:

The chassis consists of a 18mm birch ply body. This body has a hole milled out in the centre, along with a ledge for the acrylic panel to sit on. The leds are hot glued in some 3mm perf board and all 48 led's, with a resistor, are soldered in parallel. This goes to a cheap 5 - 12V ac adapter to power it. An MDF draw was made to fit inside, this allows the unit to be used as a bed side table. It is rased from the ground via 2 custom made, steel box section, u-shaped legs.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome construction - what this needs is control and the firmware and patterns from your glasses, that would be AWESOME (yes, if you don't do it, I will)

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    And thats fine by me.

    I have just edited most of my instructables, did they come up your instructable news feed when I reuploaded them. In which case is is annoying to see these instructables come up again and will I lose followers if i continue to edit and improve them. What do you think, your help will b invaluble.

    I think that any improvement is a good thing. If something gets repeatedly edited then most people will just ignore that item in the feed, and continue their reading, not really irritated at all. I very much doubt that you will lose followers, and any additional information will most likely be helpful.