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Introduction: Failed Project #2 - Pump Action Gun

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I had this pump-action idea in my head, and so I started to build it. It started to get bigger and bigger, I had no idea a pump in the front would need so much space. Anyways, everything worked great, especially the pump, but the magazine didn't work out. I wanted it to shoot blue rods, but they caught against each other and it never shot, only jammed. The trigger was alright, the reason it is shaped like that is because it needed the extra bracing so as to not bend out of the connector. The trigger also couldn't hold too much weight, which was too bad, since the pump can handle just about as many bands as you want. You can build from the pictures if you want, the gun itself is pretty simple. I would love it if someone could make this work.

Selecting pictures and making image notes doesn't work, so I will add them when I can.

I don't know why some pictures turned out yellow while others look fine, I took them all at the same time in the same spot. Must be my camera and my bad photography skills.



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    4.5 stars and favorited. Come out with another gun this good and I'll subscribe. The pump system on this is just great. I'd start over with just that if I were you. You could use someone elses mag or maybe you could get a TR-18 turret to work with it.

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    Thank you so much. I might try another mag, but not with any longer ammo. The gun was long enough. And I'll pm you my newest project. I want your input.

    Sorry it's taking a while, I'm pretty busy now. I have the pictures taken, but it takes a while to upload them individually to tinypic and post the links in a pm.

    I'm not sure if you like it or not. You say suck somewhere, and beautiful somewhere. Thanks, I guess. But this isn't my only good gun, the Racker Rifle performed much better and was much more compact. This gun wouldn't even fire to shots in a row due to jamming. And my next gun is even better, I'm beta testing it now.

    If you ever come back to this, suggestion for improvement. I had another bullet chambering concept that'd be nice if you could try out. Basically part of the internal pump would have a chamber to move a round out of the magazine. It'd be like a bolt pin except the bolt would be in front of the magazine essentially and it'd "drag" the round out. And then what I figured is instead of relying on a ramp (which I get annoyed with in my attempts) if you could make like a second pusher in front of the magazine that gets forced down when you pump back and then activates when you move forward, that'd work much more smoothly. So pull the pump back, a round slips into the pump chamber. Pull forward and the round is pulled over a locked down pusher. Then when the pump is completely forward, the pusher is released and keeps the round in place. I could make a sketch if you don't understand.

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    I see what you mean, I wanted to make this bolt-action from the start, but I could not figure it out with this pump and barrel type. I like your idea, but I fear it would make the gun way too long, because the magazine would have to be another few connectors forward to leave room for the mech, and then the pump would be just too long to use. When I would shoulder this, I had to stretch my arm pretty far to get to the pump. Any longer and it would have been uncomfortable. But I do like your idea.

    Weaker pusher wouldn't work. The grooves in the rods would catch with the knobs on the front, and the same, so one would try to pull out another as it went out, and the ram would catch them going back. And I couldn't make the front of the mag with exactly a one-rod gap, because I tried every possible spacing with the mag design, ad nothing would work. And anyways, this is long gone. Used too many parts and I needed them for my new gun. It's bolt action, by the way.