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Introduction: Fairy Dolls

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Why not make some fun fairy dolls for your fairy garden? I have nine nieces and they are fairy and princess obsessed. These dolls are a fun family project we can all make the next time they come to visit.

Step 1: Watch the Short Video Tutorial Here!

Step 2: You'll Need

Glue gun

Faux flowers

Faux butterflies

Thick galvanized wire

Large wooden beads

Americana Multi Surface Satin Paints *red, black, pink and flesh



Needle nose pliers with wire cutting ability

Step 3:

1. Put the large bead on a stick and paint the face

*The stick helps!

2. Bend a 6" wire in half with a loop and insert in the bead from the top

3. Bend the arms to shape and curl the ends for hands

4. Bend an 8" wire in half, add glue to the bead and insert for legs

Curl the ends for feet

5. Wrap a 1/2" strip of fabric around the torso and glue in place

6. Glue flowers around the base of the "top"

7. Glue one flower on the head for hair

8. Glue faux butterfly wings on the back

9. Paint the legs and arms with flesh

Optional: I added more flowers to make crowns



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    love it. Can't wait to share with my garden friends.

    These are just too cute!Would make an awesome rainy day craft for kids. Well constructed, very inventive, so cute!!!

    1 reply

    Momoluv! Thanks for the sweet comment! Hope you have a terrific weekend!