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Children love fairies! This is a awesome project that you could do with your kiddos! They will love it!!

Step 1: Adding the Fairy

Step 2: Glitter

Step 3: Decorating the Lid

Step 4: Making a Hanger

You can sit this on a table and leave as is. If you want to hang, there are different ways to do that.

I ended up not using the ribbon but it shows easier how I did it. I took a piece about 30 long. I folded it in half as seen above in first photo.

The side with the loop, as seen above, I went in 10 and made a knot. I held the knot to the jar letting the loop hang. I separated the other 2 ends, and wrapped tightly around the lid to the other side and made another knot as in picture 2 above.


Step 5: Light It Up!

I wanted to add the fairy led lights. I have the one with a timer, which is fantastic because I don't have to open the jar every time I want it to light up.It would have been nice if I could have glued the battery pack upside down underneath the lid, but it was too big. So you can either put a led votive inside, or hide the battery pack of the fairy lights behind something. I'm tucking it away in the lattice If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer..Oh...here's at night.These are the lights I used. It is so convenient with the timer. They go on the same time each day/night you set it up to come on.

Have fun creating this!



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