Fairy Pendants

Introduction: Fairy Pendants

For all of us who love fairy mythology!

What you need to make this type of pendants:

* copper wire (thick and thin)
* 3-4 beads (less is more)
* pliers

How you do it? It's very simple.

You take about 15 cm long, thick copper wire and first what you need to do is simple loop for ribbon.
Nex thing is to put lagrest bead and make swirl aroud it so it could stay firmly on place.
Once you've made it, swirl the rest of wire the way you want it but make sure it won't pop out somewhere because it could schratch your neck or hand (if you plan to wear it).

Last thing you need to do is to use thin wire and fill empty swirls with smaller beads or swirl it around thicker wire.

When it comes to jewelry and art you need to play and test things.

It's nothing new but I hope you liked it! :)



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    So cute! I would love it if you could post some photos of your steps to make these. I would like to try!

    1 reply