Fairy Wings




Introduction: Fairy Wings

These are the wings that I've used in the project of my previous instructable

You can see the fairy instructable here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Fairy-31/

Step 1: Watch the Video :D

Materials and tools used in this project:

- Organza fabric

- Aluminium wire

- Embossing powder

- Embossing stamp pad

- heat gun

- UHU glue

- Alcohol markers

- Alcohol

Step 2:

Using the organza fabric, cut the shape of your wings and a few leaf shapes (about 10 leafs for each wing)

Step 3:

Press the leaf on the stamp pad and apply the embossing powder.

Using the heat gun, melt the embossing powder.

Is very important to not overheat the leaf or it will melt too. We only want to melt the embossing powder! :D

Also is very important to not touch the work when it's hot!

Step 4:

Paint a surface with your alcohol markers (I used glass)
With a brush dilute the ink using alcohol and paint the leafs.

You can use one color per leaf or you can mix different colors and obtain very interesting effects!

Step 5:

Glue the aluminium wire on wing
Press the wing on the stamp pad and apply the embossing powder

Use the heat gun to melt the powder (only the powder!! :D)

Step 6:

Apply more aluminum wire decorations

Step 7:

Place the leaf over the wing and apply heat only in the bottom of the leaf

The embossing powder of the leaf and the wing will melt again and will make them glue

Step 8:

Make one more wing and now you can apply them in your projects! :D

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