Fairy Wings

Introduction: Fairy Wings

Easy no sew magical fairy wings able to be custom to the size of your little one

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Step 1: Creating the Frame

Items needed:
Large scratch pad or cardboard piece I recommend poster board
Black pen
Galvanized wire heavy duty
Wire cutters
Hot glue gun
First step is to draw your wing you will only need one wing side.
2nd step cut wire to desired lengths to out line wing drawing
3rd step use hot glue gun to secure wire pieces at the joining points only! Allow all glue to dry before peeling off of board. (Repeat for other wing)

Step 2: Joining the Two Wings

After both wing metal frames have been taken off posterboard flip over and secure the wire connection joints with hot glue on both sides you will then want to take a long piece of wire and wrap it in the middle of the two wings middle were they would join at the shoulder blades you will want this connection wrap to be at least an inch thick to allow for movement of the wings . Once you've wrapped the joining point in wire over case it with hot glue to ensure no metal pokes through to the child.

Step 3: Wrapping

Items needed:
two rolls of cellophane one sold color one matching iridescent
Elmers sprat adhesive

Cover flat sturdy surface with protective cloth
1st step:
roll out first choice of cellophane and spray with adhesive.
2nd step:
Place wing frame on top of cellophane and spray with adhesive again
3rd step:
Roll second roll of cellophane in top of frame and sandwich the pieces together
Note wrinkles are ok!
After adhesive dries use scissors to cut out the outside perimeter of the wings

Step 4: Sealing

Using a longstem lighter slowly and at an even pace burn around the outside perimeter of your wing to help the cellophane shrink up against the wire. Be careful not to over burden is the cellophane will then pull a part.
Then use a blow dryer on high to heat to the inside of the wings to shrink the cellophane and help it adhere to the inside wire frame and to create texture.

Step 5: Shoulder Ties

Wrap Lace or ribbon around the center joining part of the wing. You will need four strips total and you want to leave enough hanging to wrap around the shoulders and tie in a bow in front on your child

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