Fairy Wings

Introduction: Fairy Wings

Estimated Time: 4 hours (including spray paint drying during the summer outside)


2 Wire Hangers
Spray Paint (I used Silver and Bronze Krylon)
Glue Gun
Acrylic Paint
Beads/Fabric Paint (Optional)


1: Take the wire hanger and mold into preferred shape with the top hook facing the center of the wings. I buckled out a section of the wire and pushed in another and might be seen by the "W" shape of the outside wing.

2. Repeat step one with the other hanger, except make sure it is opposite so they will look similar when put together.

3. Take the pliers and bend and twist the two hooks together like two intertwining spirals. Much strength will be needed.

4. Take the pantyhose and insert the top of one wing into one side and the other top into the other side. You will have to pull and maneuver the pantyhose around the wire so that it comes together at the middle and there may be slight excess as seen by the wrinkles on mine.

5. Temporarily secure the pantyhose with tape or tie it in a loose knot. I took the wings outside, laid them in our field, and spray painted them with silver spray paint. Later I came back and spray painted the bronze on the outside edges.

6. Cut the majority of the excess of the pantyhose off of the middle area so that there is about 5 inches of pantyhose coming off of the wing towards the center on both sides. Wrap those around the center twisted metal to cover the pointy parts as much as possible. At this point I took the ribbon, glue gunned one side, wrapped it around, and glue gunned the other side, but you could take duct or electrical tape and do the same thing. Cloth could also be glue gunned instead of ribbon.

7. Now comes decoration. This took me about 2.5 hours to do, but you could leave it the way it is, or do it differently. I based my pattern off of cicada wings, and just painted the purple lines with acrylic paint. I added accents with paint, fabric paint pens, and glue gunned on some beads and shells.

8. Finally after everything is dry, cut two pieces of ribbon that are long enough to go around yourself and tie in a ribbon. I tied them on the inner left and right sides of the wings, then wrapped one around my middle and the other around my neck, but I also tied them over my shoulders and had two bows that rested near my collarbone.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I like this project. I wish there were pictures of the whole process.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Ooh, you could glue a big safety pin to the back and wear these as fairy wings! Very nice paint job.