Fairy in a Bottle





Introduction: Fairy in a Bottle

My daughter wanted me to make her some new jewelry today, and I decided to treat myself with a five-dollar healing fairy from Legend of Zelda. This took less than half an hour, and I am pleased with the little conversation piece.

(The jewelry my daughter loves so much, by the way, is from https://www.instructables.com/id/A-Simple-Wire-Ring/ and https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-Bangles/ .)

Step 1: Step 1: Thread That Bead and Start Bending

Step 2: Fill Your Bottle

No pictures of this step, since there wasn't much to show. Fill your bottle with something thick and clear. I used glycerin, but something thicker to suspend the charm would be more ideal. Resin, maybe?

Step 3: Chalk Break.

The three year old in your life may decide it's time for chalk robots at this point. Leave your fairy to settle.

Step 4: In Case of Death, Break Glass.

Insert the charm, aaaaand done.



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    lol chalk break. Really nice though, I am going to try this.

    You can get glycerin at just about any supermarket or drugstore. The bottle was at Hobby Lobby