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Ever wanted a James Bond/Hitman look to your airsoft gun? well in this instructable i will list the steps that will make your airsoft gun look awesome! *this silencer is fake! it does not silence, just makes a good looking addition to your airsoft gun, and helps the path of the BB be a little more straight. (do NOT permanently attach this to your pistol/rifle because that would void the warranty!) ~~

!READ!warning, the metal on the bottle caps, mentioned in Materials may scratch your tip of your gun, but you can fill in those scratches with an orange marker~~

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Step 1: Materials


~1 toilet paper roll (or paper towel roll cut to size)
~1 highlighter pen
~2 metal snapple* iced tea* bottle caps
~1 airsoft gun (obvious)
~tape (duct tape, electrical tape, whatever colour you want it to be)
~hot glue gun & glue *optional*
~orange tape/tree marker (the stuff tied on trees to mark property lines)
~drill/rotary tool w/ drill bits (whatever size works for your gun)
~approx. 12 squares of toilet paper

Step 2: Cutting...

~First cut your Highliter pen to the size you want it. It has to be a little bit shorter, than the toiletpaper roll.(you may need to use a hacksaw)
~next, put both caps in the toilet paper roll, make sure that you have the right ones and they fit perfectly. put one upside-down on one side and the other right side up, on the other side with the highlighter that you have cut, placed in the middle, then push down on the upside-down cap till its touching the highlighter. Cut the excess tp roll off.

Step 3: Drilling...

~now find a drill bit that fits perfectly inside your orange tip or a little bigger.(pic 1)
~i have already drillen one hole in my caps, you have to drill a hole in both caps that will be a little bit smaller than the highlighter
~make sure one of the caps fits around the orange tip of your gun (see pic 3)
~you may need to use pliers to get it the right size to fit snuggly on there (pic 4)
~Warning the metal may scratch your tip of your gun!(pic 5)
~(pic 6) drill holes in the highlighter tube(pic 7) you can put as many holes as you like i put approx. 15.
~pic 8 drill a hole in both metal caps, one should be bigger than the orange ti, to fit over snuggly, the other should be a lil smaller, but stll have room for the bb to come out.

Step 4: Attaching...

~now you are almost done
~you can use almost any form of attaching the highlighter to the cap/s. I only attached the highlighter to one cap and lined the other up, but thats up to you, and i taped mine on.(pic 1&2) make sure you put it on like in the pic, with the blue side up!
~rip up your tp into shreds like pic 3
~put the end cap on that is attached to the highlighter the way you want it, and put the tp roll around it. (pic 4)
~start filling and pushing the shreds of tp inbetween the highlighter and the tp roll, evenly, pack it down fairly tight
~pic 5, attach the left over cap on the orange tip and make sure finaly, that it is snug, then line the highlighter up with the hole, and place it on the gun(pic 6)
~colour it as you wish, i used black electrical tape(pic 7)
~NOW dont forget to put your orange tip on out of tree marker or tape (pic 8), i put orange tree marker on, and used a small piece of electrical tape to hold it on at the bottom.
~Your done! (it silences just a tiny bit, but its mostly for the look, Be safe and Have fun! **Remember to not glue the silencer on or it will void the warranty, use tape if you have to!**)



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    20 Discussions


    9 years ago on Step 1

     No thats the safety... Looks like a slide lock though doesnt it?


    10 years ago on Introduction

    If you're looking to do this on a larger gun I recommend using Gatorade caps instead of snapple because its orange so it still looks like part of your gun. Put one at the end of the "silencer" too for good measure! I'd really hate to see someone get shot.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hmm strange mod. I have one question - Why you drill your gun ? You like custom-guns :P

    really? it makes my pistols shoot twice as accurate as before, and when it hits something the bbs crack so it ups the velocity also.

    hmm. it may depend on the type of gun and its velocity. if you need it to up your fps, you are probably using a low power gun. I dont.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    thnx man, there was a problem with my computer, i couldnt add image notes after step 2, i dont even think it added the ones that were there to begin with...


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    i know, its something to do with this mac....after i had to reload the page, it just kept moving the picture, instead of making a yellow outline.... oh well... its all the same, just a lil bit harder to visualize...