Fake Arrow Wound

Introduction: Fake Arrow Wound

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In preparation for my city's annual Zombie Walk, my family and I started our preparations weeks in advance. Instructables was a great resource for fake wounds using liquid latex and gelatin. However, my son wanted to step up his costume and add a fake arrow wound. Surprisingly, we didn't find much in terms of instructions on how to accomplish this on the cheap.

... so off to the garage we headed, armed only with an old arrow and our vision of the perfect zombie prop...

What you will need:
* Fiberglass arrow. The arrow will need to be hollow, thus wood arrows cannot be used.
* Cinch Strap - 1" or wider
* Wood screw - 3/4 long (diameter of your screw will depend on the inner diameter of the hollow arrow)
* Steel washer
* Cardboard

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Step 1: Cut Your Arrow

Cutting your arrow:
Figure out how much of the arrow you want sticking out of your body.  The longer the arrow, but more susceptible it will be to getting bumped. If you will be around large crowds, as we were, I would suggest 8-10". Carefully sand the cut end of the arrow to make sure it is smooth and perpendicular to the shaft of the arrow.

Step 2: Cut Your Cardboard and Assemble the Prop

Cutting your cardboard:
You will need a larger diameter cardboard disk between the strap and the arrow. This serves to keep cinch strap from simply twisting under the weight of the arrow - thus keeping the arrow perpendicular to your body.  Our disk was about 5" in diameter and it worked fine.

Thread your wood screw, with washer, through the cardboard disk and then through the strap. The screw can then be threaded into the arrow. Tighten the arrow so that it firmly sandwiches everything together. Be careful not to overtighten and strip out the arrow.

Step 3: Test Fit

Strap the arrow to your body and verify that your arrow doesn't sag. You may need to tighten the arrow and/or increase the size of your disk.   

Step 4: Add Your Bloody Shirt

This is a key component to the prop. After you  have found a suitable final location for the arrow, mark your shirt for the hole location. Make a small slit in the shirt- just big enough to fit the fletchings of the arrow through.

Remove the shirt and strap on the arrow. Keep it loose until you poke the arrow through the shirt. Tighten your cinch strap.

Finally, add some fake blood. Be generous, and get some good drips flowing down from the 'wound'. The more wet and goopy it looks, the better. 

Possible enhancement: Multiple arrows! I think that would look awesome.

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    6 Discussions

    Henry Jones
    Henry Jones

    5 years ago

    Shoulda put it in the knee

    Thank you for this design. I incorporated 5 of these into my zombie outfit. You can see the results HERE The arrows were sturdy, rigid and during the London Zombie Walk I got countless compliments and queries. Thanks again


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Fantastic! Thanks for following up with the pics. I love the look with multiple arrows.


    7 years ago on Step 4

    what an awesome idea! Im going to have to try this. How is it when people accidently hit it? does it give?


    Reply 7 years ago on Step 4

    thanks for the comment. It's surprisingly robust... was knocked quite a bit during the zombie walk and didn't break, nor was it painful when bumped.