Ear Cuff Earring




Introduction: Ear Cuff Earring

As you can see I already have my ear pierced on my cartilage but if you don't this is a great earring to wear, especially when there hand made.

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Step 1:

You need:
- jump rings
-round nosed pliers
-earring stud

Step 2:

Attach the beads or charm to the earring using the pliers

Step 3:

Create a long chain and attach it to the earring aswell with the pliers

Step 4:

Attach another charm to the other end of the chain

Step 5:

Put a large jump ring through the end if the chain. Put the earring in and the jumping squeeze shut around the higher part of your ear.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    The earring turned out beautiful and your instructions are easy to follow. You should enter this in the Earrings Challenge!