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Hello and welcome to the April fools special. Go ahead and leave a comment if you want. I had ton of fun playing this prank on my brothers. all you pranksters out there are going to like this prank. break out your eggs and sly grins. its prankster time.

Warning: i am not to be held responsible for any of your actions


Egg carton
Twelve eggs
Food coloring


Power drill
Drill bit(size will very on the size of the egg)

Step 1: Drilling

First step you must very carefully drill a hole in the top of the egg. This is a good thing to do weeks in advance so your prankee doesn't wonder why you are drilling a hole in a egg.

Step 2: Yoke

Next dump out the yoke though the hole and wash it out very carefully. Then let it sit overnight. you should do this in a relatively out of the way so your prankee doesn't figure it out. It is best to do this with warm water.

Step 3: Coloring

Next once your done emptying all the eggs and drying them fill them with water and a bit of glue and Orange/Yellow mixture of food coloring. The water will thin out the glue and the food coloring will make it seem like a egg yoke has spilled.

Step 4: Arming the Prank

There you have it On the sunrises of April your unlucky roommate(or sibling) will find a egg carton of eggs cracked open on his bed and think that he must have been to tired to notice them and slept on them. Listen to them scream in frustration as them find out they were pranked. You can do this with one egg or all at the same time.


The reason you use a small amount of glue is to imitate a egg yoke dried. Eggs are sticky and dries when the yokes are left out to long so instead of cleaning up a egg stain the just throw it in the laundry(as long as you use white classroom glue).

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