Fake Flames

Introduction: Fake Flames


  1. pieces of cardboard
  2. hot glue
  3. 3-D printer
  4. Dc Motor
  5. led
  6. power bank
  7. arduino uno
  8. transparency film
  9. wood strips
  10. tissue
  11. markers
  12. Alligator clip wires
  13. Jumper cables
  14. Muscles

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Step 1: Making the Frame

Make a rectangle of wood strips, and hot glue the film to it. hot glue on the spare cardboard, fasten all together.

Step 2: 3-d Print

print this and then try the motor out, see which way it spins, put the fins slanted, so that when they spin the low end is down, try for between a 0 and 45 degree angle.

Step 3: Arduino

plug in a jumper cable to GND (2 different connections), 5V, and 3V3. attach an alligator clip wire to eighter side of the motor. attach the other side of the clips, one to 5V the other to GND. take the Led and attach it to 3v3 (long prong), and Gnd.

Step 4: The Flame Table

attach two pieces of wood (Vertical) to a Horizontal piece (x 2) attach those pieces standing up to each other in a square with a square hole in the middle. color the tissue like fire, and attach to rim of table(ripped), attach the LED to the table rim.

Step 5: Power It Up

attach a usb 2.0 to the battery bank, and plug in the arduino. if no results, make sure the bank is on, customize as needed!

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    Fun projects. I have used this technique to make fireplaces in theater productions. Works great.