Fake Fordite Paper Ring




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What do you need, not much.

-old paper

-a Knife, scissors maybe


-CA- Glue (about 2gramms (In Germany you can buy 5x2g at wolworth for 1€))

-Backing paper (or something that CA-Glue doesn´t stick to as much) -Thats it, so don´t be a maybe or something


Step 1: Preperation

Cut strips of Paper to the width
you want the ring to be. Use Paper in diffrent collors that are -perfarably – colored throu and throu.

Find a rod that is about 0,2-0,3mm bigger than the ring inner diameter later needs to be. If you can find one use one that is a little under and build the size up, by wrapping it in tape or something

Now attach the backing paper with string or tape or don´t just makes it a little more practical

Step 2: Wraping the Paper

Wrap the first layer around and
then glue it together (I mean... its kinda obvious, but here you can determine the Inner color of the Ring)

You can now Wrap a few more strips and continuesly glueing it.

What kind of pattern do you want? THINK...think a little more. Think of the form of the finished ring and think of the Layers that intersect the surface. I just put one/two Bump in there, but you can also make a curved bump or maybe twist a few layers of paper and glue them on the surface. This is the point where you can make your ring unique and be creative

now build up to the thickness of the ring till you are contend with it.

Step 3: Shaping

Just shape the Ring with the tools
that you have (a knife is good enougth buuuuuut....)

then sand it to a „nice“ finish

Step 4: CA-extravaganza

Put a thin Layer of CA glue on
there let it dry and but the next Layer on (I do the Inside and outside alternating so I have something to hold on to)

Step 5: Sand and Polish

you know what to do

Step 6: The End

If someone accually does that or is
inspierd by that, let me know I reallly want to see If you use Instagramm tag me @astjaeger otherwise send me a message here or a commet, whatever... Email me if you want Astjaeger@gmail.com... send me nudes also and tell me about my nigarian unkle that died...

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    1 day ago

    Love this. I'm contemplating how I would make earrings with this method. Seems it would work. Maybe tack to a board and layer to desired thickness flat instead of circular.

    1 reply

    Reply 1 day ago

    sure that would wörk as well. Maybe a "Wave" isn't that nessecary when you do that but I would just try. I am for it.


    4 days ago

    This is beautiful!