Fake Gator Tooth Necklace

Introduction: Fake Gator Tooth Necklace

Hi there
This gator tooth was made out of a epoxy stick you can find in any hardware store for about $ 5.00.
It's just like playdoo and hardens like granite in minutes. It is used as a filler for repairs on many materials.
You can form any shape. I make claws, teeth, arrow heads and many other shapes for my necklaces.
One stick goes a long way and you can make alot for little $
For the top i used a copper endcap from hardware store bout $0.50  and a brass loop for $ 0.10.

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    Interesting and inspired. I never would have thought to you mighty putty this way.

    Plan B
    Plan B

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I always keep a stick of this putty on hand. It has many uses and is simple to work with.
    I love it.