Fake Marcel Wanders Can Can Lamp

Introduction: Fake Marcel Wanders Can Can Lamp

This project is a critic to a part of the world of design, the design should be accessible to many people as possible and should not be reserved for an elite group of people, as for example design by Marcel Wanders. If you appreciate the designs of Marcel Wanders, but think it is too expensive, you will be glad to have the opportunity to be able to print one of the most iconic projects of the Dutch designer the CAN CAN lamp.

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Step 1:

To create the CAN CAN lamp we need a lampshade with a circular base, do not worry about the size, because we can adapt our mask with each circumference.

Step 2:

If you do not have a lampshade can create this lamp using other elements. In this case I used this plastic jar to which I applied a hole in which to pass the socket. With a superglue we paste our socket so secure it to the hood.

Step 3:

Once ready your lampshade measure the circumference, once established, you can scale the design of the mask in the size you prefer. Now you just need to use a laser cutting machine to get your mask in the material you like, wood, cardboard, acrylic etc ...

Step 4:

You just have to apply the mask inside the shade, you can simply squeezing in it or apply a bit of glue to be sure that it can not be removed.

Now you can enjoy the lamp CAN CAN without having to spend € 350.

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    Oooo so pretty, and I love that it's a money saver. Thanks for sharing your awesome process! Hope we see more projects from you in the future!