Fake Styrofoam Gun

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I was thinking that when kids play cops and robers they are using there hands or a real looking toy gun. So I thought why not make it cheaper and lighter and any shape! It could be a Halo gun/Alien gun bazooka(I think that is how it is spelt) pistol rifle double barrel shot gun all at once! ETC... So lets make it out of Styrofoam.

Tip: Make a sword in you're back two pistols in you're pockets and a bazooka attached to a string that is taped to you're shoulder and two double barrel shot guns across on you're back over the sword and a rifle in you're hand!!!!! SUPER COOL!

Step 1: Get the Tools in the Following Picrure

Step 2: The Handy Tool and a Block of Styrofoam Not the Styrofoam

Step 3: Cut the Styrofoam With Any Tool and Shape It in Any Gun You Want.

What it says on the top

Step 4: Put a Trigger in What Ever Spot You Want

Step 5: Make One Hole in the Front for a Normal Gun and Two Holes Fore the Double Barrel Shot Gun and One Big Hole for the Bazooka.

Step 6: Color(if Want)

Step 7: The End

The end



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