Fake Tattoos



This Project lets you be creative and it is pretty simple. This tattoo does not last long but it will last a day and it will leave an outline if you want to retrace to fix any earlier mistakes.

Look at my cute little fox . I have retraced him a few times today and he just keeps getting better. YAY! ^O^

/\ /\



Step 1: Outline

Get a lead pencil and mark the tattoo design you want on your skin. If you mess up it's okay these lines are faint, so if you have bad eyesight I do not recommend this.

Step 2:

Check to make sure you are happy with the outline.

Step 3: Tracing

Outline your marks with a pen or sharpie. For this step I recommend a BIC Grip Roller pen. They will leave an outline even after you wash your hands a few times.

Step 4: (Optional)

If you are really bored you can probably trace over your design with sharpies or different pens and markers. It's your tattoo so be creative!

I hope you have fun with this project. This project isn't really meant to stay on long because I think it is fun to have new and more creative things for tattoos. If you want to make tattoos that last longer click HERE. Make sure to follow J@50n. Post your pictures and tell me if you know where we can find the BIC Grip Roller pen. Thank You!



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    The main advantage of these over regular tattoos is that you can make something new every week.